Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Cypher and Cryptography used by CSK

Everyone knows of the similarities of the women abducted from the Bay View Terrace area of Claremont in 1996 and 1997, young women who attended local (private) Catholic colleges namely Iona Presentation College and John XXIII.

But there are clues that identify the person or person's guilty that are evident in the placement of the 2 victims who were found.

The police issued a profile that they believed would fit the person(s) responsible, as someone who travels throughout the metropolitan area for their work, hence taxi drivers were under great suspicion. I also travel throughout the metropolitan area a great deal for my work, but not as much as a taxi driver would and the profile is too simplistic. All the killer needed to do was get onto the Kwinana Freeway, drive south and turn off to the left. Likewise, drive north on Wanneroo Road and turn off to the left. A taxi driver would have better sense of the metropolitan area and would they genuinely be so blatant?

I frequently use a UBD street map in my travel (for work) and have examined the locations of both victims. There are cryptographic correlations in the locations where both the victims were found which are quite amazing.

Look at the clues that emerge.

All maps contain a Blue Grid of squares which are aligned with the AMG (Australian Map Grid). Each grid square measures 250 metres. (Page 2 UBD "How to use this directory") Each numbered parallel (small numbers) is 2 grid squares apart or 500 meters.

Bay View Terrace, Claremont - Map 286
Bay View Terrace is on Parallel 42 and has a Vertical grid line which runs right through it that lies between 16 and 17

Follow this vertical line south through maps 306, 326, 346, 366, 386, 406, 426, 446 to Parallel 61. Count the numbered parallels from Pa42 (m286) to Pa61 (map446), there are EXACTLY 61.
Using the same measurement (2 grid squares of 250 meters each or 500 meters apart) count at right angles East to:

Woolcoot Road, Wellard - Map 448
It lies on Parallel 61 and between vertical lines 26 and 27

There are EXACTLY 16 between the vertical running through Bay View Terrace and the one at Woolcoot Road.

A right angle triangle is formed and the catheti values are 6116.

Pippidinny Road, Eglington - Map 64
It runs approximately on parallel 50 and starts between vertical grid lines 5 and 6.

Using the same principal as above, follow the vertical line running through Bay View Terrace from map 286 through maps 266, 246, 226, 206, 186, 166, 146, 126, 106, 86, 66 to parallel 50. There is no map 66 in the book, but it is included in the Key Map at the front of the UBD.

Count the number of parallels from Pa42 (map286) to Pa50 (map 64) there are EXACTLY 88 (8+8= 16)

Using the same grid measurement as above (2 grid squares to each vertical) at right angles WEST to Pippidinny Road count EXACTLY 18 across.

The point of intersection is parallel 50 and vertical 05

Another right angle triangle is formed and catheti values are 8818 the coordinates are 0550. Both 6116 and 0550 are palindromic numbers and 8818 contains another.


The radial distance from the Perth GPO (marked by the circular blue lines) to Woolcoot Road Wellard is just past the 30 kilometer radius, approximately 33.8 kms. Pippidinny Road Eglington is just past the 40 kilometer radius approximately 43.8 kilometres.

If these are added together the total is 77.6 kilometers. Rounded off these distances can be presented as 4334 another palindromic number.

Given that CSK had to work within the constraints of built up roads and the AMG, this could not be coincidence. It was deliberate and some thought was put into it.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palindromic_number


The above Map numbers when presented in chronological order of the abductions taking place are:

286 448 64

Written as cypher code or key the numbers become:

2 864 4 864

The increment by 2 is not coincidental because in the above Right Angle Triangles, the short cathetus of the North triangle increments by 2 from the South triangle. This sequence is not a palindrome but it is a reversal of the usual mathematical sequence of 2468. It may also indicate that the crime is a product of 2 ie. there were 2 men involved.

The numbers in this crime demonstrate the method for calculating where CSK would place his(their) victims in chronological order from the starting point at Bay View Terrace.


There is another palindromic number which relates to other events which originated on 20th October 1992.

If you know anything about numerology, then you know that 0 and 9 have no value ie. any number that 0 or 9 are to added retains it's original value when reduced to a single digit numeral, which is the basis of numerology.

Eliminate the numerals 0 and 9 from 20 10 1992 and the result is 2112 but also the numbers 20:10 when reversed have a significance associated with CB Radio codes.

NUMBERS 6 and 61

There is an extraordinary recurrence of the number 6, this number being the number of man (and often associated with the devil). 7 is the number of God. The number 6 is also synonymous with events originating on the 20th October 1992 which have been documented to the WA Police. The number 6 is found in:

an address I lived as at 20 10 1992 which was unit 36, of a street number 46 in Glendalough (Irish name)

the address of my parents (Catholic) as at 20 10 1992 was house number 126 in a street in another suburb

my employer's address as at 20 10 1992 was number 56 in a street in West Perth

my year of birth is 1961

postcode of Claremont is 6010


The graphic created when a line is drawn following the above grid lines on the UBD, along parallel 50 from Pippidinny Road Eglington, down the vertical line through Bay View Terrace Claremont, then parallel 61 to Woolcoot Road Wellard is one arm of a reverse Swastika.

The women who were abducted all have names which originated in Ireland, England, Wales or Scotland (Aryan). Rimmer is an English name which derives from Rime (poet or minstrel) Jane is derived from the French form Janette (meaning 'excellent'). Ciara is Irish and means 'dark' and Glennon is also Celtic in origin and means 'cloak'.

The Swastika when drawn facing clockwise is a traditional symbol of good luck and well being and as well as it's association to Aryan culture, has origins in many other cultures and religions including Hinduism and it is positive in all. After it was adopted by the Nazis during the Second World War this symbolism and meaning was perverted and it is now regarded as unconstitutional to use the symbol. It is often used in "hate" crimes.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swastika

The graphic depicted by the CSK is not the clockwise facing swastika, but a reverse swastika.

It reinforces the references contained within the cryptography and cypher in the crime and points to counter, reverse, anti ie. the CSK is against God, anti-Catholic, anti-Irish, anti-women especially women who use discernment, anti-education, counter-intelligence.


Count the numer of maps inclusive from map 446 through all the maps listed above to map 66 there are EXACTLY 20

20 maps apart and 10 to the centre of the swastika is the grid line between Maps 246 and 266. If the other arm of the reverse swastika is drawn East from this point, and upwards into map 236/216 who would we find?

If these references are reversed it is interpreted as 10:20 which in CB radio language means "your location". See http://www.urbandictionary.com/

The grid line between Maps 246 and 266 dissects the suburb of City Beach. Is this where CSK lived? Is this the significance of the palindromic numbers?

Count also, the number of maps from the vertical line along the parallels, 50 and 61 (not including maps 66 and 446). There are 2 maps across. Catheti of this triangle commencing at the centre is 10:2 which in CB language means "You are being received clearly".


All the above cypher and cryptographic clues point to 2 men who have been identified to the WA Police and the Federal Police for stalking, harassment and other illicit activities. If they are CSK they have experience of Citizen Band radio. One of the men lived in City Beach. Both men also through their employment had access to higher frequency radio broadcasting such as is used by commercial radio stations. Their employers are Irish descent.

The murders of the 2 women is a hate crime which symbolises:

  1. Hatred of women (and men) of Irish and/or Catholic origin, and
  2. Hatred of several prominent media personalities who work in commercial broadcasting, at some of Perth's popular radio stations (how many of them have Irish/Catholic names?) and much of the cypher is intended to "point" towards them in an attempt to implicate them as guilty or involved in the murders. See http://www.deltax.net/bissett/western/secondwar.htm

The reference to Iona Presentation College is also representative of another popular radio personality who no longer works in Perth.

This crime also points to CSK's hatred of the commercial radio corporation that is represented by the media personalities it points to, which "disposed" of him and because of the framework this crime has taken place, CSK believes that the corporation may attempt to cover his traces and therefore CSK will get away with it. So far he has.

It is possible the crime contains an element of corporate warfare "all is fair in love and war" and it seeks to dispose of certain people working in commercial broadcasting, in order to create openings for greater market share by those who are not so successful.

This must be placed in the perspective of events, people and culture that existed in Perth in 1996 and 1997.